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Last Update: May 7, 2010


Spring 2010 Update:
Rick has begun work on a new album release!
Details are few as it's being planned,
but it will be an Elvis tribute album
with songs Rick has never recorded before.


Remember, for a limited time only,
all of Rick's CDs are on sale for $10.

Rick's Latest Original Album:

Rick Saucedo Once Again
The Greatest Hits

Release Date: October 18, 2009

A Greatest Hits & Records combo spanning his 37-year career.

This is the DEFINITIVE Rick Saucedo album!

It features 21 songs, ranging from 1978 to 2009

These cover the best of Rick's 45 RPM singles, albums, and CD's as voted by his fans in the 2009 Fan's Choice!

All songs have been painstakingly remastered, remixed, and in some cases - completely redone - to achieve the best sound!

Highlights include:

- A special surprise song to close out the album

- Completely new 2009 versions of "I Will Stay", "Destiny", and "The Legend Lives On"

- The long-awaited release of Rick's latest original song: "Once Again"



History Makin', Country Shakin'

 (1978 extended version)

Rock All Night*
 (Remixed Version)

King of Blue Suede Soul
(Single Version - side A)

Jailhouse Rock
(Single Version - side B)

The Legend Lives On
(Single Version - side A)

How Great Thou Art
(Single Version - side B)

Rockabilly Boogie
(Never before released single - side A)

Castles in the Sand
(Never before released single - side B)

Lazy Crazy*
(Remastered Version)

Tell Me Why*
(2008 Remixed Version)

All Right Now*
(Original Version)

Never Let You Go*
(Remixed Version)

I Will Stay*
(New 2009 Version)

(New 2009 Version)

Good to See Y'all*
(Original Version)

Broken Heart Again*
(Original Version)

Love Inside You*
(2007 Version)

Hell Cat*
(Original Version)

Once Again*
(NEW SONG - 2009)

It's Only Make Believe**
(New Version)

And a Special Surprise Song at the end!

Written by Rick Saucedo
** Written by Conway Twitty

To order, visit the Online Store or pick one up at Rick's shows.

Fan's Choice 2009

These are the results of the Fanís Choice voting poll. Fanís picked their two favorite songs from each album, as well as their all-time Rick Saucedo favorite. The votes came in, (in 2 cases there was a tie for 2nd place), and the winners are listed below with the percentage of votes each received on their respective albums.

The Fanís Choice is the song that received the most votes and favorites.


These are Rick Saucedoís Greatest Hits, as decided by you, the fans.

From each album...

Heaven Was Blue (1978)
History Makin', Country Shakin' (44%)
Rock All Night (33%)

Evening Glow (1990)
Today, Tomorrow, and Forever (25%)
Lazy Crazy (18%)
Tell Me Why (18%)

Freak of Nature (1996)
All Right Now (28%)
Never Let You Go (24%)
Memphis, I'm Coming Home (1999)
I Will Stay (25%)
Destiny (18%)

History Makin', Country Shakin' (2006)
Good to See Y'all (32%)
Broken Heart Again (12%)
Mama (12%)

Love Inside You (2007)
Love Inside You (29%)
Hell Cat (17%)

1st and 2nd Place Ė Most Votes:
History Makin', Country Shakin' (7.5% of all votes)
Rock All Night (6% of all votes)
1st and 2nd Place Ė Most Favorite:
History Makin', Country Shakin' (37% of all favorites)
I Will Stay (32% of all favorites)

 The Fan's Choice:
History Makin', Country Shakin'


For full results, visit the blog at MySpace.com/TheRickSaucedoShow.



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