Rick Saucedo and Ann-Margaret

See if you can beat the computer.
 Remember you're Rick and the computer is Ann!



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Rick Saucedo Trivia

Think you know Rick Saucedo and his music?

Take this quick quiz and check your answers
at the end to see how well you know Rick and his music!

Win or lose, at the end, you'll learn something!

1. What year did Rick Saucedo begin his tribute to Elvis?
2. What is the name of the band Rick joined when he started?
3. What was the name of Rick's first original song album?
4. In 1978, Rick starred on Broadway's "Elvis: The Legend Lives" at what theatre?
5. Rick Saucedo became the lead singer of what band in 1981?
6. In 1998, Rick played a month-long engagement in what country?
7. In 1999, Rick released an album until the title of which of his Elvis Tribute songs?
8. Rick's live album from 2004 was recorded at what Chicago venue?
9. Rick and The Ambassadors reunited to rerecord their classics on what 2006 album?
10. In 2009, Rick Saucedo left the U.S. to perform in what country?
11. "Jailhouse Rock" was the B-side of which Rick Saucedo 45 Single?
12. What band did Rick open for at the Chicago Theatre in 1974?
13. At what famous Las Vegas hotel did Rick perform at in 1979?
14. What band did Rick join and help start in 2009?
15. During what song does Rick perform his trend-setting smoke scene?






1. 1972
2. The Ambassadors
3. Heaven Was Blue
4. Palace Theatre
5. Redwing
6. Aruba
7. Memphis I'm Coming Home
8. House of Blues
9. History Makin, Country Shakin
10. Sweden
11. The Legend Lives On
12. The Monkees
13. Stardust
14. The Hell Cats
15. An American Trilogy


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